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We ARE People-People

Too  many businesses  forget their most valuable Asset is PEOPLE.

 - People are your lifeblood -

How your staff respond to YOUR Customers, how (and if) they follow up the Customer, provide quality service and sales results in the PROFIT of your business . 

In PNG there is a propensity to ignore or not manage our teams - this is 'old-school' management style and pays little respect to the educated, new-PNG wantok.

At TOK STRET CONSULTING we focus on the 3P's


PEOPLE =-> As stated, People are the #1 and prime Focus.

If they are untrained, lack energy or passion, don't share the Team or business goals your business misses opportunities, stagnates and enables a sharper competitor to take our share .

PROCESS =-> All businesses need Process and Policies (PNG business is drowning in them) BUT never forget that PEOPLE write process, PEOPLE follow them (or don't) and PEOPLE enact them and improve them .

PROFIT =->  A healthy, well-trained, focused and yes, empowered team that works together, treats the Customer as KING and follows process is a PROFITABLE Team and Business - Despite the challenges and vagaries of market-forces

This is why TOK STRET CONSULTING focus on YOUR people 

Never forget - people FIRST

Need help in re-energizing YOURSELF and YOUR Team ?

If you aren't feeling well - you go to a Doctor

Tok Stret is not a doctor BUT we sure can help !

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