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We are not keen on testimonials as no-one ever puts up a bad one on their page!

But everyone seems to want one  so here are a couple of comments from recent programs and some pictures.

If you want a verbal or written reference we can get you hooked up easily with one or more of our very satisfied clients !

Reference #1 - Craig Wadham - GM - BOC Gases PNG 

The program was run across two groups of staff with theory and practical sessions supported by live mentoring sessions over several weeks with immediate results delivered as I observed staff meet and deal with the customers with more confidence and professionalism.

John and Julliane are to be commended for the dedication and professionalism and their ability to relate and communicate with the diverse culture in PNG.

A job well done, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Reference #2 - Tracey Warnecke  - MD - Territory Packaging 

I am writing to recommend the services of Tok Stret Consulting Limited.

In my capacity as Managing Director of Territory Packaging Limited, I have engaged Tok Stret for the duration of this year to work with our company and staff. We have found them to provide a quality of service that is customised to fit us specifically.

The staff’s delivery of their service is excellent; they are flexible and liaise with our company whether through group sessions or one on one staff teachings. They gain the confidence of our staff and managers easily, making the learning environment a fun and inclusive one. 

We have a with a strong communication link between our organisations during this work. I can highly recommend the services of Tok Stret Consulting Limited. 

Testimonial  #3 - Inspector James Edwards - AFP PNG Police Partnership Program 

I thought it timely that I write to you to give you some feedback in relation to the development, delivery and further expansion of the ‘Champions of Change’ Leadership Pilot Program that we have partnered with Tok Stret Consulting in.

As you know late 2018 I approached you and discussed the need for some grass roots leadership training that I wanted developed and delivered to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC).  You and your team took up this challenge and it was tremendous to see that you didn’t simply go for an off the shelf training program.  You worked in partnership with the AFP under the Papua New Guinea – Australia Policing Partnership (PNG-APP) and my RPNGC counterparts which ensured;

  • You understood our needs

  • Understood the current deficiencies in training

  • You tailored a program that would not remove our police away from their core business for days/weeks at a time

  • That was relevant and understandable

  • Provided essential feedback during the course and after

  • Included the management of the RPNGC to ensure you were on the right track but importantly giving them some ownership over the program


The training program was a great success and I have already seen some of the participants actively displaying some of the new-found knowledge, skills and positive attitude in their daily work.  The ongoing follow up with both the participants and the Management has been noted as most worthy and is something that my counterparts feel has been most lacking in all their training up till now.  The benefits of having Papua New Guineans training Papua New Guineans cannot be understated.  Your understanding of the cultural issues, understanding of the personal issues and the ability to talk in the local language proved essential.

Testimonial #4 - Ravineshwar Prasad - ERP Project Leader - CCAmatil

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