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what we do ?!

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All of the best teams - sporting, business, church, school WORK Together... but with the dynamics and varying skill-sets this does not always  happen,

Look at the SP Hunters - when they are winning they work TOGETHER, as ONE and have each others back on the field and off.

Tok Stret provides qualitative and professional team development sessions that ensure increase in Sales, better efficiencies in your business processes 

Our style is inclusive, participative and fun - but with a Business Edge and measurable outputs 

Is it time to sharpen your Team ? Talk with us about what we can do for and with YOUR Team



Sometimes in business we suffer from "Management  by Expectant Actions".

Our people know what we are going to say, how we are going to react, what the Boss's mood is like and when to 'hide' or 'answer' with what she/he expects. 

Effectively they expect the action and reaction - and dance around it.

So we can become like 'the sound of one hand clapping' - which isn't very loud!

Let us provide one-on-one mentoring with YOU, your Leadership or Management Team - collectively or individually to get a fresh-focus and target-based tactics and strategies.

Our 'tool-kit' provides one-off sessions, short-burst programs or sustained development programs  that WORK ! 


How good is YOUR Customer Service ? 

What do your customers REALLY think about your Customer Service ?

Do you know ? Do you care ? 

Too many business either fail or do not generate their potential profit because their staff provide inadequate or sub-standard Service ?

Step 1 - Let us survey your customer base  AND your competitors Service level 

Step 2 - we develop tools, training and mentoring to make YOUR business shine and sparkle

Step 3 - There are none so blind as he/she who doesn't want to see. Why are you waiting ? Contact us TODAY for a discussion.


Did you know that over 85% of PNG people have a mobile phone ? 

Also globally on average a person checks, looks at, uses or does something on their  mobile phone 85 - 110 times a day ? and PNG is NO Different.

Don't believe us ? Watch your people or even just keep a check on how many times you/they touch your phone in an hour. In most cases it will be 5 - 8 minimum!

So your prospect, your potential and/or current customers are effectively carrying your Business Billboard, Advertisement or Offer in THEIR pocket !

We can get you in contact with your potential customers  - with campaigns, hooks, offers, and sales leads - and more !

It is THE Most cost-effective, direct marketing you can do - with comprehensive and simple reports - 

Be Smart ! Be Professional ! Stay in touch with your customer base !

In every market (boom or soft) there is a market - Lets find it together .

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