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We have a range of programs which range from 

SALES SKILLS -Making Salespeople more than Order Takers 

TEAMWORK FOR OUTCOMES - Developing Team Skills and results, breaking down 'silo's' and improving outcomes and goals

PRESENTATION SKILLS - Teaching confident, professional delivery  of presentations to Peers, Staff,  Customers, Management and Boards

SME PAWA - Developing SME's into professional businesses with all of the 'PNG Challenges' which accompany these operations

LEADERSHIP - What is the difference between Management & Leadership, making your key people into LEADERS

MANAGEMENT & SUPERVISION  - Roles, responsibility, accountability, results focused decision making skills development 

ENGLISH LITERACY FOR NATIONALS - Many of our staff have not had formal education in English, yet they work with tools and technologies or workshop/instruction manuals that are ONLY writtten in English  - This course gives a broad understanding of English comprehension and literacy (LAE Based only)

TOK PISIN FOR EXPATS - Similarly, many expats struggle to communicate with our National Staff because they cannot communicate in the widely spoken Tok Pisin. This course gives a mid-level comprehension in Tok Pisin. You will earn respect from our people- if you were in Spain, you would learn Spanish, in China - Chinese; why not Tok Pisin in PNG? (LAE Based only)


We do not chalk'n'talk - we engage, enthuse and inspire. We have FUN! All learning is absorbed best when we have fun

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