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So  ANOTHER Consultant - we hear you say - how are these guys different ? 

Quite simply, having run our own businesses we are sensitive to the value chain that  good Consultants provide.  A true Consultant works as a mentor, a conduit, a sounding board and an adviser - NOT AN EXPERT!

Why are we called "Tok Stret Consulting"? 
Tok Stret is Tok Pisin (the widely used national PNG Language) meaning - be honest; be direct or talk true. It is what we strive to do in our personal lives and is a perfect name for the Training and Development we provide to Nationals  (from this diverse and  wonderful country) and ExPats (of many ethnicitys)

Being PNG owned and based, but with a flair and style that is global whilst appreciating the challenges, nuances and issues of PNG; we seriously want to move the PNG people and Businesses forward.

We WON'T bedazzle you with flashy charts and time-wasting talk  - WE WILL work to understand your needs and challenges and implement Cost-effective, short-medium or longer term solutions and tools that provide Process Improvement and new levels of Customer  Service and Satisfaction.  

A blend of PNG and ex-Pat (but PNG-based EXPAT) styles and Experience
Our style is unique, professional, caters to all levels of staff and Management 

The Owner

Marble Surface
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Hi Olgeta I am Julliane, and I own and manage Tok Stret Consulting.

I recognized that we need to adapt the great traditions of PNG, which sometimes cause roadblocks to Customer Service and business issues into a NEW, professional PNG way.

My experience is Selling and managing - both small business and for one of the country's largest employers. Passionate about developing people and having traveled overseas, improving our standards of Service & Sales delivery to each other!

My style is open, fresh and observant - I lead a team of capable people who can add value to your business - 

Follow us on Facebook at Tok Stret Consulting for great ideas but more importantly don't sit back - checkout the Services we provide and give us a call. SME, medium corporate, across industry we can and will provide you great tools and develop your staff beyond what they think they are capable of !

+675 7204 3027

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