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 - Moving PNG Business Forward THROUGH and WITH PEOPLE


We are PNG's consultancy - one with a difference. 

Our ideas are fresh and we work WITH your Team to ensure success in everything we do. ​

​Our programs are NOT one day workshops which only get short term results. We have short burst, energetic, inclusive and engaging programs over a period of 3 - 6 months .

With a blend of PNG managerial experience and ex-pat we are committed to helping PNG businesses move towards the new PNG way, whilst retaining our wonderful culture.


With  a SME background  hten managerial and corporate experience at various levels of management including, General Management, Board member, CEO of companies ranging from 30 people to 450 - we have a hands on, inclusive style in all facets of people management :

High Performance Teams
Sales Skills 
Presentation Skills
Professional Management
Leadership programs 
SME Pawa Workshps 
Tok Pisin for Expats
English Literacy for Nationals
DIGITAL Marketing in PNG 


No it is not a double up !

WE know the PNG traits and styles and how to best improve their belief in themselves and the value brought to your business -

EVERYTHING we do follows our         3P mantra :


There is a new breed of educated, knowledgable PNG wantok now - desiring, wanting more .........

Our passion is in getting these minds opened, engaged and actioning in the workforce. These women and men are the future of our business & government 


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So  ANOTHER Consultant - we hear you say - how are these guys different ? 

Quite simply, having run our own businesses we are sensitive to the value chain that  good Consultants provide.  A true Consultant works as a mentor, a conduit, a sounding board and an adviser - NOT AN EXPERT!

Why are we called "Tok Stret Consulting"? 
Tok Stret is Tok Pisin (the widely used national PNG Language) meaning - be honest; be direct or talk true. It is what we strive to do in our personal lives and is a perfect name for the Training and Development we provide to Nationals  (from this diverse and  wonderful country) and ExPats (of many ethnicitys)

Being PNG owned and based, but with a flair and style that is global whilst appreciating the challenges, nuances and issues of PNG; we seriously want to move the PNG people and Businesses forward.

We WON'T bedazzle you with flashy charts and time-wasting talk  - WE WILL work to understand your needs and challenges and implement Cost-effective, short-medium or longer term solutions and tools that provide Process Improvement and new levels of Customer  Service and Satisfaction.  

A blend of PNG and ex-Pat (but PNG-based EXPAT) styles and Experience
Our style is unique, professional, caters to all levels of staff and Management 


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The Champion of Change Award

The Tok Stret Consulting Ltd has received an award for the Champion of Change Award on October 19 2023 during the PNG SME Awards 2023.


US. Department of State Award Provisions

Tok Stret Consulting Ltd has one of the recipient of the a Federal Award provided by the US goverment. The purpose of the is to enage and train women entreneuers in the Dream Builder course and in-person educational programs to equipt them with the Skills needed for the sucessful development of business ideas.


News & Updates


1. Accelerated SME Awards Programs
2. SME Program excellence
3. SMEC SYOB Training

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Morobe,Portion 474, Buimo Rd, Bundi Camp

LAE - Morobe Province 41

P- +675 7204 3027/73688552 


Facebook - Tok Stret Consulting

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