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So  ANOTHER Consultant - we hear you say - how are these guys different ? 

Quite simply, having run our own businesses we are sensitive to the value chain that  good Consultants provide.  A true Consultant works as a mentor, a conduit, a sounding board and an adviser - NOT AN EXPERT!

Why are we called "Tok Stret Consulting"? 

Tok Stret is Tok Pisin (the widely used national PNG Language) meaning - be honest; be direct or talk true. It is what we strive to do in our personal lives and is a perfect name for the Training and Development we provide to Nationals  (from this diverse and  wonderful country) and ExPats (of many ethnicitys)

Being PNG owned and based, but with a flair and style that is global whilst appreciating the challenges, nuances and issues of PNG; we seriously want to move the PNG people and Businesses forward.

We WON'T bedazzle you with flashy charts and time-wasting talk  - WE WILL work to understand your needs and challenges and implement Cost-effective, short-medium or longer term solutions and tools that provide Process Improvement and new levels of Customer  Service and Satisfaction.  

A blend of PNG and ex-Pat (but PNG-based EXPAT) styles and Experience

Our style is unique, professional, caters to all levels of staff and Management and 

So - if you have read this far, and even just want some fresh ears and eyes to discuss your challenges with  - CONTACT US HERE 

Owner - Manager 
Julliane Terry
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Business Development  Consultant  -
John Byrne
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Hi Olgeta I am Julliane, and I own and manage Tok Stret Consulting.

I recognized that we need to adapt the great traditions of PNG, which sometimes cause roadblocks to Customer Service and business issues into a NEW, professional PNG way.

My experience is Selling and managing - both small business and for one of the country's largest employers. Passionate about developing people and having traveled overseas, improving our standards of Service & Sales delivery to each other!

My style is open, fresh and observant - I lead a team of capable people who can add value to your business - 

Follow us on Facebook at Tok Stret Consulting for great ideas but more importantly don't sit back - checkout the Services we provide and give us a call. SME, medium corporate, across industry we can and will provide you great tools and develop your staff beyond what they think they are capable of !

Gutpela dei olgeta !

I have a background in management, leadership, embracing challenges and change and together with Julliane we can offer you personalised cost-effective consulting in Digital Marketing; Sales and Team Building; Mentoring and fresh eyes on your business. 

My background is from a Workshop floor level through to large business owner, Industry Board Member, and I challenge myself to learn and grow EVERY Day. I thrive on improving people and change management.

Too often as Leaders, owners or managers we can't see what we can't see and Tok Stret will open your eyes and develop your team to skills and standards which blend PNG and global levels.

I have worked in country PNG for just over seven years and call this place my home.  Melbourne, Australia is my place of birth BUT PNG  is my place of choice.It is a fantastic country with great people who want to learn, grow and manage - Tok Stret Consulting will help you harness and mature your team -

Try us !

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